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My mother, Patricia Ann, was born June 3, 1948, minutes before or after her twin sister Priscilla Margaret – no one remembers who came first.

In the December of 1948, my mother and her sister were delivered in a basket to the door of my grandparents, Fay and Nicholas Bruno.

My Nana Fay surrounded my mother with love and gentleness.

As was so often the case at that time, she never told her daughters that they were not born from her womb.

But first and foremost, my wish for every child is LOVE.

Soon after they renamed my mom Donna Marie Bruno and my auntie Deborah Michelle Bruno.I wish every child had the ability to communicate so they may find their own voice to do great things.I wish for them to have deep friendships so they will never feel alone.I wish all children will be able to understand the depth of a mother’s love as I do. If a child knows love they will have a full heart; with a full heart one can have an open mind; and with an open mind, a child can be whomever they chose.Family means so many different things to different walks of life. When that balance is met a child can change the world.

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The energy from where I was born has made me who I am today. You share, they give: Each time you “like” or share this post via the social media icons on this post, watch this video or comment below, Johnson & Johnson will donate $1 (per action) up to $350,000 to Shot@Life, Girl Up, Peace Corps Let Girls Learn Fund, U. Share this post with the hashtags #Global Mom and #JNJ, and visit Global Moms to learn more.